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recomended for ages 16 and up due to mature content.

About "An S.A.W.'s Destiny"

Abreviated: Sythetic Armored Weapon's Destiny (aka S'A'W'D)
Is a Project I started in November 1998 when I moved to Milton Keynes, in Buckinghamshire England.  This is the Story Arc BEFORE Cruel Justice (chronologically) but was the third to feature online, strangely enough. It's the longest I have attempted. Hence it has taken me since 1998 to figure out all the key plot points and stuff.

It was going to be a documentation of my adventure moving to a new town. But it ended up being so much more than that. I had so many fantasies about what "would" and "could" occur that I planned to make a sword and grab my stuff and travel the country.

I finally felt free, free to imagine, to dream.
I wanted to go on a quest, meet a girl who lived in the wilderness and travel together eventually maybe slay a dragon.

So I still have that desire, but my Dragon is the stepfather I ran away to Milton Keynes from. And my transformation was in the hardships I faced in my "free" life. Joing the Army and getting kicked out, rejected for my depression.

Instead Gaz's transformation is actual. An Army general called Lars and a Doctor called Paul turn him into a Mechaniclés (Mana driven Cyborg) aka "Mech' (Not to be confused with a Mecha which features in some Animés as a giant robot) the Elvin Word on Gaz's planet for Mechaniclés is a Gredéux, so Gaz ends up changing his name to McGredé to reflect the new body he was given. And so it is.

The first 6 pages I ended up re-doing because I didn't like the grainy feel of the pencil colours and the ball point lineart.
The textures of the background often mixed with the outlines and made it difficult to tell whose hair ended where.

So I opted for tri colour (Black/White/Red) so inspired by comics like Sin City for simplicity.

I decided to use a bolder tipped pen for the lines and continue to texture the backgrounds in ballpoint. I liked the feel of that, it was more solid feeling. Later in the comic the coloursheme makes a drastic change but for a good enough reason, I feel. It may change again, I don't know yet, I'm still toying with some ideas. ;-p
Gaz is a part of me, I feel (although I've never faced my Dragon) Gaz's life represents my own. Only metaphorically, but still some truth is in there. I would like to just say most of the charecters in the story are based on friends, but their names have been altered to protect them, and their situations have been changed so they're not being misrepresented.

They have their own life stories, it's not fair for me to tell you what REALLY happened to them, they're entitled to their privacy.

But I like to feature them as friends of Gaz to say thanks for helping me through everything.

And as a special feature to this Bio, you get to see the original First 6 pages of S'A'W'D! Yay!

SAWD original page 1 SAWD Original page twoSAWD original page 3SAWD original page 4SAWD original page 4SAWD original page 5