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recomended for ages 16 and up due to mature content.

About S.A.W.'s Destiny

I started writing Cruel Justice in Early 1998 or late 1997, and it is the secnd story in Gaz's life. By the time I started writing the revival, (and a slight rebooot) it was April 16th 2005. And I finished uploading the whole project on Feb 12th 2007 to

When I first started I was about 13/14 in school, and had just met the coolest redhead girl who turned my world upside down.

Although at the start I named it "Bye bye miss american pie" and pitched it as a musical, about how Gaz fell in love with her and she left after discovering he wasn't entirely human and his plight to win her back, I changed it later when I was involved in a bit of a situation where her friends and family tried to come between us and I felt like I had suffered a great injustice.

Then just when things were getting close to normal I had to leave my hometown in Hertfordshire, for Milton Keynes and I lost all contact with her. I became very Emo and so did Gaz.

I wanted to run back to her, I knew the walk could take days... I wanted to finish the story but without her smile I couldn't... so I started writing S'A'W'D instead.

Then eventually I met a girl who I got engaged to, a girl with DYED red hair, and I got my passion back. Emily's attitude changed though, and in Part 2 of Cruel Justice ends up acting like Stabby, although this was before the jealous rage. What Stabby didn't understand was I kept Emily in name only, but altered her just enough for the role of Emily to be interchangable with her own. Like they are the same person. But she went off. And tore out the pages, and burned the sex scene.Where Gaz and Emily make love for the first time.She flushed Part one down the toilet. I managed to save some of the pages from part 1, none from part 2 though.
After that I was so destroyed I couldn't draw.
What was the point?
Until we split up I was just a shadow of myself.

I imagined Gaz being a SHADOW, a soldier created and used by the Metroville Army, owned largely by Mayor Gilderson. the father of Emily; who at the time was Stabby's metaphorical representaion. I felt CREATED by Stabby at that point, but I felt darker and more emo than a mech and started writing a story about Gaz's father, though I never got any further than footnotes, I eventually started drawing again.

But I started drawing Hard Wired, to kind of deal with my darkness, and figure out what Emily SHOULD be, not base her after someone else. She should be kind and sweet, and understanding. Then when I started uploading online I met a few girlss who I dated, and felt alive again, and wanted to write about how Gaz met his Emily, not MY Emily. It became a project that probably took me almost 2 years to complete, though it feels longer.

If it hadn't been for Stabby I would have finished CJ a long time ago.
Anyway please enjoy the first 10 pages I saved from the toilet after Stabby tried to flush them, as you can see there is considerable water damage to the ink, the other pages get more illegible, and CJ:2 is no more than ashes...
Sorry the art is so bad, but rememeber, I WAS 14.

Original CJ pg1 Original CJ page 2 Original CJ page 3 Original CJ page 4 Original CJ page 5 Original CJ page 6 Original CJ page 7 Original CJ page 8 Original CJ page 9 Original CJ page 10